Friday, 8 January 2010

Another day at home

Well we were stuck indoors again today and it looks like there will be more snow at the weekend so I have no idea when we will get out. We are both hoping it clears enough by Wednesday so we can go to the library for our home ed group. Today started with more hadwritting then Oscar did some of a workbook I found yesterday that has questions about time.

After this we did some reading. We should finish the book next week so we are going to have a go at writing a book review.

Then after lunch I asked Oscar what he wanted to do and he decided on Education City.

And finally Oscar and I have a deal, if he is good and tries his best during the day he can go on Mario Kart (his favourite thing the the whole world) in the evening.
It has been a good day and Oscar did really well with his maths book and  the spelling games on Education City, he amazes  me every day. I just hope the snow clears soon, I am getting cabin fever and Oscar is desperate to get back to taekwondo.

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