Sunday, 17 January 2010

Having fun.

Well we were stuck in the house again Tuesday and Wednesday, Oscar did lots of reading. He has started reading to his fravourite teddy bears. His dad bought him a comic on Tuesday, these are great as Oscar thinks he has a treat but I see it as a workbook. They are packed with stories and activities. The activites are quite simple but thats fine as with comics I leave Oscar to do them by himself. We think it is important that he learns to read instructions and then carry them out on his own . He has needed some practice with this as I usually find he has only done one or two pages but this week I was really pleased to find that he completed all the activites by himself.

Then I asked him to read one of the stories in the comic and later in the day I asked him to tell me about it. I do this every so often because we feel it is important that he doesn't just learn to read but is able to remember what he has read and share what he has learn't with others.

On Wednesday Oscar wrote his first book review. It was a review of  The Giraffe the Pelly and Me. Oscar wrote  "It was fantastic. My favourite bit was the giraffes magic neck". Then he drew a picture of the giraffes neck. I was really impressed that without prompting he used capital letters and full stops in the right places and I was amazed when he spelt fantastic without help.

In the afternoon we got out the Logiblocs Oscar recieved as a Christmas present, these are great, they are a bit like lego but you put them together to do different things. This is a starter set and depending how you put them together you can make a light come on, make a buzzer sound or both. They are great for early learning about electricity and circuits. Oscar was fascinated and we will definitely be looking to get more sets in the future and finding out what else we can make.

On Thursday the snow had finaly melted and we got out of the house for the first time in nine days. We didn't do much, just a trip to the park, a cafe lunch and then into a couple of charity shops on the way home. We had a few good finds that should hopefully keep us amused next week.

Here are few pictures of some of the other things we got up to this week.

More education city.

Oscar put together this train track and I haven't been allowed to take it apart yet.

And finaly some spelling in the bath.

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  1. Looks like you've had a great few days Oscar! I love your book review, well done :-) I think you've inspired us to read the book!!