Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Yet more moon stuff

This week Oscar and I have been doing yet more moon project.

Oscar has given his solar system mobile a second coat of paint and then added some glow paint before we put it all together. Oscar is very very pleased with the finished product which is now hanging from his bedroom ceiling.

Oscar has also been keeping up with his reading for the library reading challenge.
And yesterday afternoon Oscar got out of going shopping with me as he received an invite to his friends house to play. He had a great time as always playing with Jared and Garth so thank you Emma.

Today we had our home ed group. There has been a leak at the library where we normally meet due to vandals. This has caused some fairly major flooding and as a result the library is going to be closed for at least two weeks. So today a slightly mad mother from the group agreed to have us all at her house. It was a really lovely session. the children made t-shirts to wear to our not back to school picnic next week and also made a banner for the event. After the children had finished their T-shirts they disappeared to talk to the chickens and play while the rest of us had a cuppa and a gossip.

Oscar is very proud of his t-shirt and is really excited about the picnic next week and having a chance to celebrate not going to school. A few people have asked recently if he will be returning to school this September and he always replies with an emphatic nooooooooo and then a worried look at me for conformation. Although he no longer cries when school is mentioned and is now able to go into a school playground to meet his friends he still has a real fear of going to school himself. It's amazing just how much of an impact the 6 weeks he spent attending school had on him.

I think this picture says it all about his feelings regarding his education.

Thank you so much Susie for letting us all take over your house today, Oscar and I both had a really great time.

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  1. We are doing the solar system this academic year, I can see that I am going to have to pick your brains ( =