Sunday, 8 August 2010

Games, cooking and rain.

This week Oscar and I have spent alot of time playing board games.
We played the Magic Cauldron maths game,

Pop to the Shops,

Maths Bingo and Tick Tack Tock.
 Now Oscar can tell the time using an analogue clock we have introduced him to digital.

We also made some cakes, I don't usually use the packet mixes but at 99p for two boxes they were cheaper than making them from scratch and I knew Oscar would love the Winnie the Pooh decorations.

I bought this old style whisk at a car boot sale and Oscar is fascinated by it. When we had finished cooking he spent ages playing with it and watching how the cogs work.

We decided to liven the cakes up with some extra icing and some food colouring and Oscar was very pleased with the results.

On Wednesday we went to our home ed group at the library. The group has grown a fair bit over the last couple of months so this week we discussed the best way for the group to move forward while the children did some painting.
After the group we went to the park for lunch and the children played in the play area, then it started to rain...
while the rest of us tried to get some shelter under a tree Oscar and his friend ran about and climbed trees in the rain.

This was the highlight of his week.

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