Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Our week so far.

On Monday we spent the day at soft play with some of Oscars friends form nursery. 
Tuesday we stayed at home and did some reading, colouring, maths, and puzzles.
Then we did some cooking. First Oscar helped me make Tooty Fruity Curry.
Then we made pancakes.

Today we went to our home ed group at the library. The children learnt all about the animals that wake up in spring and made pictures of birds in a nest. Then to finish off they sang some song about spring.

After all that it was off to the park, it was a really beautiful day. We all had something to eat then the children spent a few hours having fun in the playground.
 getting stuck,
at the top,
and coming down.
Up again,

nearly there,
made it,
worth it for the view.

Then on the way home we bumped into a big blue bear.

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