Friday, 26 February 2010

The last few days.

Over the last few days Oscar has been to the Home education group at the library where he learnt about seeds and bulbs and how and when they grow. The children looked at different pictures of flowers and tried to guess if they grew from seeds or bulbs, then they talked about when in the season they would flower.
They were shown how to grow cress by one of the older children and we have some cress seeds to grow some ourselves over the next week or two.
They also learnt about pollination and we have decided we will all do a project about bees over the next few weeks.

Oscar has read The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl and written a book review about it.

He has done some of a maths workbook which included a test of his time telling skills.

We bought a comic and Oscar really enjoyed all the activities about different vehicles.

We read some poetry.

We have decided to start doing some spellings with Oscar each week. I am not too sure how this will work out but hopefully he will be ok with it. He seemed pretty keen when we talked about it and was happy enough with the words I have given him to learn over the coming week.

Today was a lovely day but I had a horrible headache so Oscar went to Taekwondo with his Dad and got to road test his new scooter.

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