Monday, 8 February 2010

All better and back to 'school'.

Oscar is all better now so it was back to 'school' today.
 First he did some mental arithmetic, today he was adding 3 numbers so I was impressed when he got 9 out of 10.

Then he did some sums using place value.
He got all of these right. I'm really pleased with how well he's doing and he really enjoys maths.

Then we started our first ever project. It's called The Clownfish Adventure and is based on the film Finding Nemo. I bought a project pack from an online company that make a huge selection of them for home educators. They seem pretty good. Today Oscar learnt all about Clownfish, Tang's and anemone's and the oceans where they live.
He learn't some new words and their meanings using the vocabulary words he put at the front of his book.
Then he did some of the activities in the project pack like labeling the oceans on a map.
He had alot of fun reading, coulouring, and sticking.

After lunch he went on the computer and played some fishy games on the Finding Nemo website and made his own Nemo picture with their 'create a scene game'. He printed his finished picture and stuck it in his project book.

Then after all that he went to his friends house to play for an hour while I got to do some much needed housework. I am quickly realising that when you HE you have to let your standards of tidiness go a bit. I was amazed how much I managed to get done without my 'assistant'.

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