Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow, Santa and Wonderland.

Today was yet another busy day. Oscar was really excited when he woke up to see that it had snowed. We went to visit Santa this morning, then we went to the park to play in the snow and get some lunch in the cafe. Then we got a call from one of our home ed friends to say they had a couple of spare tickets for Alice in Wonderland at the Theatre Royal, we were nearby so went and met them. Oscar loved the show, then as soon as we were done there we raced off to his last Taekwondo lesson of the year. A very cold and snowy day. Oscar loved every minuite of it.

  He is starting to get a bit suspicious about the whole Santa thing. Sleigh weight V gravity V time and distance?
                             Thinking about snowballs.                                               

          Making a snowball.

     Throwing a snowball.

Victory Dance.

And finaly, spotting a white squirrel in the snow.


  1. We are loving your blog :-) Wasn't the snow fun today, Hannah wants it to snow every day until summer apparently lol!!

  2. Oscar told me today that snow is the best thing in the whole world ever :)

    Glad you like the blog, I am really enjoying writing it.

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